Our specially designed infant rooms are places where babies feel safe, secure and happy. Rooms are divided into general interest areas that meet an infant’s need to move, explore, express and relax. Personal cribs, separate areas for changing and feeding, and our booties policy, which requires that all shoes be covered when entering an infant classroom, ensure clean playing, eating and sleeping spaces.


Our teachers get to know each child, learn their interests and plan developmentally appropriate, engaging activities such as; painting, water and sand play, book exploration, manipulative play, small group experiences and large group circle times. All of these experiences pave the way for toddlers in their path towards lifelong learning.

Even our classrooms are divided into general interest areas that meet children’s need to move, explore and express and relax.​



Pre-K & Play teachers develop lesson plans based on a weekly theme.  Through observations of the whole group, and each individual child, teachers plan theme based activities and lessons in order to create developmentally appropriate experiences for our preschoolers.  At Pre-K & Play, we believe that all children are capable and talented, and that they learn in their own ways. Teachers get to know the children in their care individually so that they can create lessons that will help them reach new heights. Our classrooms are divided into distinct areas of interest that meet children’s need to move, explore and express and relax.​

School Age

At Pre-K & Play, we offer care during school breaks and summer for children up through age 12 years old.  Teachers work on creating lesson plans that will stimulate the natural curiosity of the children and provide hands-on experiences in order to facilitate learning.  Children at this age level will occasionally go on field trips off site as well!

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